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20 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Compost

George who is a part of London house clearance team shared with us one really interesting list of 20 things you probably didn't know you can compost. We are sure that you are going to be amaized!

Chewing Gum:

After chewing a lot, the chewing gum is spit at random locations. This not only causes a lot of nuisance to other people but also pollutes our environment. The best thing to do is compost them.

Pizza boxes:

Yes! After having a wonderful meal or as they like to call it “A Happy Meal”, you can compost the leftovers and have a cleaner environment. What’s better than your meal making the nature happy as well.

Old beer, wine and liquor:

Composting also takes in beer, wine and liquor. The by-products produced while making beers could also be sent for composting.

Star fish:

Amazingly, dead start fish could actually be composted.

Small pets:

Small pets like goldfish could be composted. But this process takes a bit longer as compared to other organic substances.

Horse hair:

The shiny horse’s hairs could actually be quickly composted.


Urine contains organic waste of the body. Hence urine could be compost easily. But beware, the ammonia keeps its effect going.


Yes, you can compost used condoms. Even the new ones could be composted.


Leather materials, if shredded, could be composted. This includes leather belts, leather shoes, leather wallets and leather gloves. This works more efficiently if the leather is very old. Newly made leather takes longer to decompose.

Pencil shavings:

Pencil body is made of wood. Wood takes a lot of time to be composted, but pencil shavings are shredded wood which gets composted faster.


Hotels and restaurants could apply this regularly since they get a pile of used toothpicks. This helps junk clearance.

Ice cream:

Ice creams are a good raw for composting. However, if the ice cream is in edible condition then feed the hungry.

Paper Material:

Generally, all the papers, if shredded, are a good composting feeds. This includes business cards, paper rolls, tissues and newspaper.

Stale candy:

Exclude the plastic wrappers they come in.

Shells :

All the organic shells can be composted. The list includes items like Egg shells, shrimp shells, crab shells and lobster shells.

Blood meal :

The high-nitrogen content in the powder makes it decomposable.

Chocolate cookies and pickles:

They could be composted, however, there is no good explanation for doing so at the first place.

Peanut butter sandwiches:

If they are edible then feed the needy, which is nobler way of junk clearance.

Macaroni and cheese:

Older the food, faster the composting.

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