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"They are the bridge that connects present with the past."

The craze for visiting historic monuments has decreased amongst the people. Generally, the kids are attracted towards the roller-coaster rides and candies which are in plenty at the new fun-parks and missing in the historic monuments. The family trips are hardly destined to any historical heritage.

The Gateway Gardens trust is a charitable organization that is trying to change this scenario. The Gateway brings people to these heritage sites by funding their entire trip. Since their first venture in England on September 2006, they have managed to fund around 7,400 people into these heritages. The effect, this movement has caused is pretty much appreciable. They have increased people’s interest in these remnants, standing proudly and depicting their history. Trust primarily targets people who don’t have the knowledge of these places or lack the time to visit them. Once people get the hang of it, they visit again and also tell other people about the place and their experience. This momentum continues to bring other people as well. One of the prime targets of these associations is the school children and families. Imparting knowledge amongst these people has multiple benefits. The trip gains popularity and brings more people as compared to other trips.

The gateway gardens workers are the prime pillars of the trust. They do all the groundwork of actually supervising and managing the trips. The staff mainly includes teachers, facilitators, organizers and mentors. They organize the trip, attempt to get a few sponsors and manage the entire trip. These people are highly skilled and know about the relevant history in greater detail. They not only introduce the location to the people but also about the history that comes with it. This knowledge adds essence to the visit and makes it more valuable and memorable.

The sponsors are another great aspect of the Gateway Gardens Trust. They provide the money which makes all of this possible at the first place. The Historic Houses Association, National Trust, Royal Horticulture Society, Association of Garden Trust and grant from English Heritage have worked closely with the Gateway Gardens Trust to enable working in a smooth manner. The sponsorship and the funding, however, took a hit due to financial crisis. Hence, the charity ceased operating in 2009.

Currently the trust works with the help of other associations and grants. The response from the people, however, still remains amazing on the experience and knowledge they gain from such trips.
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